Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Movie Night

Tonight my best friends Molly and Amina and I had a movie night. After dinner, we went to an amazing bakery called Sweet Lady Jane and got these delicious sweets. A perfect accompaniment to a chick flick (which is what we watched, of course :))

Coconut cake, peach boysenberry pie, sea salt chocolates

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coq Au Vin

There is a great place close to where I live called Farmshop. It has a great restaurant that focuses on using local and in season ingredients, and an amazing shop attached to it. The shop has all kinds of amazing cheeses, wines, meats, pastries, and even a small handful of local produce.

Every time I eat there I walk around the shop and am dying to buy something to cook with.
Last week, after a delicious lunch, Richard and I walked around the shop and decided it was time we buy something to cook. We decided on Jidori Chicken for Coq Au Vin, equally because the chicken is amazing and because we've been wanting to make Coq Au Vin. We also got greens for a salad, and fingerling potatoes.
I was especially excited because we used Julia Child's recipe, and I've never used a recipe of hers before.

The salad was simple, with avocado, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes (from Farmshop) and toasted pine nuts. The potatoes were also simple but just as delicious - we used parsley from our garden that we recently planted. The chicken was delicious, and amazing to see it turn such a deep purple color.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Francisco

A few weeks ago Richard and I went to San Francisco for a small vacation. We had the best food!

Afternoon Tea

This afternoon tea was inspired by my brother! 

Mashed Avocado Crostini

Cucumber and Dill Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Brie and Fig Crostini

Arnold Palmers

Thumbprint Jam Cookies and Peach Raspberry Tart