Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Breakfast and Dinner

I haven't done that much cooking this winter break so far, because believe it or not I was actually looking forward to a break from cooking. As much as I love it, it gets a little tiring trying to figure out what to have for dinner every day. But now I am well rested and plan to be cooking a lot more! I got a lot of cookbooks as presents so hopefully they will provide me with a lot of inspiration.

I did cook for christmas breakfast and dinner. For breakfast I made Ina Garten's french toast bread pudding. She calls for challah, but I couldn't find any so I made my own bread instead - a cinnamon swirl bread. It was delicious, basically dessert for breakfast.
For dinner I made a winter salad of walnuts and pomegranate, and I made a dressing using some walnut oil that our friend gave us. We got filets and lobster tails as a gift as well, so I made surf and turf with an herbed butter, and a spinach gratin and rice pilaf to go with it.

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