Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monkey Bread

Since it's just the beginning of the semester, I am not yet completely overloaded with work. In my free time yesterday, I baked. I saw a recipe for a chai spiced monkey bread; I decided to attempt it because it sounded delicious (I LOVE chai), and I've never made monkey bread before. 

The bread was a bit time consuming because it has to rise two separate times for an hour each, but the result was definitely worth it. I used 100 percent whole what flour instead of the combination that the recipe called for, which resulted in a slightly denser bread, but it was still wonderful. The bread is rolled in brown butter before the brown sugar and chai spice mix, which is delicious and compmements the spices so well. 

I gave it to some friends as a dessert, but as you can see it was also a great snack to accompany some afternoon coffee. 

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