Friday, January 17, 2014

Family Dinner Party

I love having dinner parties, and I love them even more when I get to enjoy them with good friends. There isn't as much pressure to get everything perfect or the timing exactly right, which is always the trickiest part, and of course the company is great. Last night, my best friend Molly and her family came over. The Bell-Cox Belinsky family dinner parties began in high school, and have transformed into a goodbye dinner tradition whenever Molly and I have to go back to school. I made a Food52 recipe for the main course - chicken with onions, fennel, lemons, and olives in a delicious tomato and wine sauce. I cooked up an easy pot of rice to go with the sauce, and Alice Waters' butter and honey carrots as another side. The carrots are so simple, cooked quickly in water flavored with butter and salt with honey added towards the end, but only opinion they were the best dish of the night. To start, I made a citrus, ricotta, and watercress salad with oranges from our backyard. For dessert, Molly brought sweet rose ice cream (my favorite!!!) to go with my homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

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