Sunday, April 29, 2012

Graze and Farmer's Market

Sorry I haven't been able to post in such a long time! I am always looking for good food that I can post about, but in the last few weeks there really hasn't been much for me. On the bright side, I am going to be done with school in just under 3 weeks! I am really excited to go home for the summer and to finally have a kitchen again. 

Richard and I hadn't had very good food since we got back from spring break, so we decided to go to brunch at Graze. Richard had chicken fried steak again, his favorite. And I had the egg scrambler which was full of amazing spring vegetables and other delicious things - ramps, green onions, red peppers, and parmesan cheese. 
We were really hungry and we've had our eye on the bagel and lox for a while, so we decided to get that too. And I am so glad we did. It was amazing. It has house-cured salmon, dill cream cheese, and lemon zest. 

After breakfast we went to the farmers market! It is only the second one of the season but there were so many amazing foods! 
Unfortunately, I couldn't buy anything, but Richard and I had a great time looking at all of the produce, especially the morel mushrooms. It was kind of torture, especially when we overheard people talking about what they were going to make with the morels they had just bought...

Anyways, it is definitely spring time here (and actually has been for a while) and the capitol is surrounded by beautiful tulips like these!

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